Husky = chien de traîneau (ou « husky » )

***** Location: Canada
***** Season: Winter
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The husky or in French "chien de traîneau" (ou « husky » ) is vital to the very subsistence of Canada's Inuit (eskimos) in the far north, the shores of the Arctic Ocean, Baffin Island, Hudson's Bay etc. Without these beautiful, hardy dogs pulling the hunters' sleds (traîneaux in French), the Inuit would starve to death. Teams strong huskies pull the sleds (usually 6-8 dogs), and the Inuit hunters place their catch, seals, whales cut up into blubber (fatty meat), caribou and other prey.

You will also notice in the haiku below that Canadian winter haiku are not always necessarily "nice". We live in a harsh environment. Whereas the word "frontier" epitomizes America, Canada is "wilderness", no doubt about it. Even today, over 90 % of Canada is uninhabited.

In other words, the concept of "harmony" (wa) so essential to Japanese haiku, is alien to the Canadian spirit.
If anything, the word "wilderness" is the very essence of the Canadian natural landscape, regardless of season.

Richard Vallance


Sibirian Husky Dog Facts

Being a working dog, it is very agile and nimble and some would say that when it walks it has a finesse rarely seen in other dogs. His northern heritage is suggested by a medium sized compact body, well furred body and pointy erect ears. Resembling a wolf, the dog willfully accepts a harness and pulls its master on skis or pulls the sled.

Now when it comes to sizing up a Husky there is a large variation of breed standards all agreeing that height and weight should be proportionate. Male huskies should be approximately 21 to 23 inches high and measuring between 45 to 60 lb while females though having the same height 20 to 22 inches they should weigh around 35 to 50 lb.

Another quirk Huskies tend to have is that in the cold season their noses might present the hypo-pigmentation phenomena which is a slight discoloration of the nose turning from black to a lighter shade of brown or even pink. The color should return to normal in the hot season.

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Inuit hunters
and huskies in a gale
starving to death

chasseurs Inuit
et chiens de traîneau dans l'orage
qui crèvent de faim

Richard Vallance 2008


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